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Annapolis Cluster Family Reunion
April 14, 2018

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"Helping men fulfill their duties as fathers, husbands, community members, and leaders"


Recent Events

2018 Annapolis Cluster "Family Reunion"

April 14, 2018
Annapolis Middle School

We are honored to be partnering with the Anne Arundel County Annapolis Cluster of Schools for our next CFEM event, 3rd Annual Annapolis Cluster Family Reunion 2018. We look forward to enriching and strengthening all families in the Annapolis Cluster and community. It truly does take a village. This year's theme is We Are Better Together! We hope you can join us as Annapolis Cluster and Men of Courage International, Inc. come together to host this educational and celebratory event!

Past Events

Family Reunion
North County

April 29, 2017
North County High School
We are honored to be partnering with the North County Cluster of Schools and Regional Assistant Superintendent Kate Gibert for our next CFEM event, "Family Reunion" North County 2017. We look forward to enriching and strengthening all the families, especially our low-income families in the community. We hope you can join us as the North County Family comes together for this educational and celebratory event!
Family Reunion

April 1, 2017
Annapolis Middle School
We are honored to be partnering with the Annapolis Cluster of Schools and the new Regional Assistant Superintendent Jolyn Davis for our next CFEM event, "Family Reunion" Annapolis 2017. We look forward to enriching and strengthening all the families, especially our low-income families in the community. It truly does take a village. We hope you can join us as the “village” of Annapolis come together for this educational and celebratory event!
MOCI Strong Dads

November 11, 2016
Guest Speaker: Father of three married children and nine grandchildren, Co-Founder of CornerStone Institute and Owner of Bayshore Counseling and Psychological Services, Mark C. Good, Ph.D.
MOCI Strong Dads

October 20, 2016
Guest Speaker: Father of four all under the age of five, Founder/CEO of Tessemae's All Natural and Annapoliton Greg Vetter
MOCI-CFEM "No Mere" Breakfast!
August 25, 2016
We enjoyed partnering with the Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families and the C.S. Lewis Institute. It was an effective time of collaboration and education with a focus on meeting the greatest needs of Anne Arundel County residents. We are truly bet
MOCI Strong Dads
May 13, 2016
MOCI Strong Dads were in the Annapolis area with guest speaker husband, father, and President of Whitehall Development, LLC. A call to all dads (uncles and male guardians) of all ages to invest in our children.
Family Reunion
(April 9, 2016) in Annapolis
Our second "Family Reunion" event took place in Annapolis on April 9, 2016 from 11AM to 3PM. MOCI partnered with 14 different area public schools and communities.
MOCI Strong Dads
(October 27, 2015) in Annapolis
Strong Dads event in the Annapolis, MD community with guest speaker Business Owner and Consultant - Mark Cheben
MOCI Strong Dads
(October 13, 2015) in Odenton
Men of Courage Strong Dad's Event with guest speaker Community Leader and Attorney Midgett S Parker Jr
Family Reunion
(September 2015) in Annapolis
Our inaugural Family Reunion event in the Annapolis area, targeted towards families in Georgetown East Elementary.

What is Men of Courage International, Inc. ?

Better Together

A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit Annapolis-based organization dedicated to helping men fulfill their duties as fathers, husbands, community members and leaders. It provides a safe place for men to talk about how to reach their goal of achieving authentic manhood; servant leadership. It also provides mental health and educational support for family members through our partnership with other nonprofit and for profit organizations. MOCI motto is "Better Together”.

MOCI Team receiving the "Above Self Award" 2016 of the South Anne Arundel County Rotary Club.
Ben Satia (Board Director), Darin Ford (Executive Director), Katie Blyth (Rotary President), Tim Benningfield (Board Director), Scott Mennealy (Website and Tech support) and At Ford (Supporter)

Our Programs

“Strong Dads” is a program that allows us to partner with local schools to educate and support fathers (grandfathers, uncles, male guardians) in the role they play at schools, in their homes, and in the community at larger. Men of Courage International provides a couple of hours of inspiration and motivation for the fathers by providing an inspirational speaker, Q&A, live entertainment, and activities that give them the tools they need to continue to grow in their roles as men.

  • "It was encouraging to see all the parents and grandparents here as one of the fellow fathers said, 'we need to help each other'"
  • "This event helped me as a dad to see the need and appreciate the importance of being there for my kids and other kids in our community."
  • "Tonight’s event made me aware of some things that I will change in the way I do things with my kids (structure)."

“Community and Family Enrichment Corp. of Maryland (CFEM)” is a program that works with local businesses (non-profit and profit) and organizations to educate and strengthen community members by providing and supporting events that foster strong relationships in the community through a poignant focus on families.

  • The day was very well planned and the event organizers put much time and thought into creating an environment open and friendly to our families. This allowed us to interact in positive ways with our families and share important information. While it was relaxing, we felt that parents walked away with information to help their children be successful students.”-Principal
  • “The reunion held at Annapolis Middle School was an opportunity to share in each other’s successes and to observe the best in our amazing cluster! The performances, food and GREAT conversation was uplifting!”-Principal
  • “The Family Reunion event highlighted what is great about the Annapolis Cluster. The community really supports our students, families and schools. This was an awesome way to showcase our community!” –Teacher

Mrs. McCord of Rolling Knolls Elementary

Rolling Knolls has held three "Strong Dads" events in the last 18 months that included inspiring speakers, entertainment, team building activities, and small group discussion about how men can be more involved and present at our school and in the lives of their children. Men of Courage has spearheaded the idea and identified speakers who volunteer to share their own journey as a parent or knowledge in their area of expertise related to raising emotionally healthy kids. As a result we have seen more fathers and grandfathers visiting Rolling Knolls at lunch and with programs like Hero Boys at Rolling Knolls. The importance of fatherhood together with the challenges for today's dads is an important discussion and appears to build a camaraderie among those who participate in these events.

Past Speakers

Bob EhrlichFormer Governor of Maryland
Kavan LakeMajor at Naval Academy
Rob LevitMusician and President of a non-profit for children
Dr. Brian SullivanDecorated brain surgeon
and many more...

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Men of Courage meetings are held twice a month (1st and 3rd Tuesdays) in downtown Annapolis.

If you are interested in attending a monthly meeting or volunteering please contact us at Thank you! We are better together!

Major Kavan Lake of the Naval Academy

"I had a great time speaking with the Dads, and not surprisingly, I left there feeling like I had learned something from the Dads that were present. It was a very cool give and receive kind of connection. It was nice to see the men getting together without age, race, political, or religious barriers, and we were focused on being better fathers...which in turn makes better families, and better communities. I left there identifying some of my short comings, that I need to work through as well. Amazing energy with great interaction. I hope I was able to reach some of the men...I know they reached me for sure."


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Our Partners

Anne Arundel Medical Center/ Abuse & Domestic Violence Program
Department of Aging Anne Arundel County
Annapolis City Church
Samaritan House
Annapolis Vet Center
Anne Arundel County Council
Annapolis City Council
Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management
Annapolis / Anne Arundel Fire Department
Healthy Start Case Manager – Department of Health
City of Annapolis Emergency Preparedness
Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) of Anne Arundel County
Anne Arundel County Attorney’s Office

Communities Enriched by "Strong Dads"

Rolling Knolls Elementary - Anne Arundel County

Seven Oaks Elementary - Anne Arundel County

Communities Enriched by "CFEM"

Annapolis Broadneck Cluster (14 Schools) - Anne Arundel County

What does our Logo represent?
  • The Crimson Red color represents "honor" and "courage"
  • The shield implies the need to be ready to protect and win the battle of morality for our families and communities. It also denotes the need to prepare our children to build strong characters and be upstanding members in the community.
  • The three masculine faces represent the unity among all men that is imperative to achieve the goal of being men of courage and servant leaders in society